Born in Matera, southern Italy, 1988.
A classical education before,  
biomedical studies at the University of Pisa after.
I always loved contrasts, in short.

Documentary photographer now, 
I love to describe the world and human's behaviors 
in a grainy and sharp way, 
all with a dreamy background of irony. 
A few years ago i started working with black and white film, 
which represents for me the best way to photograph and render 
the reality for what it is: beautiful, imperfect, difficult.

- 2013-2018 Online publications:
 Vogue, Inspired Eye, 
two times Daily Dozen of National Geographic

- 2019 'Matera' book

- 2019 'Ho visto Nina volare' project

- 2019 Beginning of the photojournalism study path 
Valerio Bispuri in Rome

- 2020 Member of GRAM photography collective

Pisa, Tuscany.

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